The Dawn of Night

The Dawn of Night

The barest sliver of a moon
hangs upside down in the dawn sky,
as the trooping faeries
return home with their treasure.
I need to write a book,
but how to recount
the train-wreck of a tragedy
I lived through?
A book, a cry in the wind,
just before the darkness falls.
It’s too late.
America the beautiful
is flaming out
into the fall of Rome
after 200 years, not 2000.
Soon, according to the Queen of the Cosmos,
the communist hordes will sweep in
from the steppes of Russia,
and suddenly overwhelm Europe,
and then the whole world.
I love Putin!
We should’ve given him
Ukraine already –
he needs it – the breadbasket.
You moronic dems,
taking down the best leader
we’ve had in decades,
only as the barbarians
wait at the gates.
Squandering millions
on a futile enterprise!
Your constituents who voted you in
must be enraged at your failure
to work on America.
A woman leader
foretells destruction.
You godless country,
return to the deity
you need to survive.
Every pagan culture
had a protecting deity,
and they weren’t stupid,
nor were they atheists!
But only one was real.
The oracle at Delphi
muttered only riddles
from arch demons, happy
to see the mortals fall.
Even on fumes of ethylene,
the Pythia had only
the python behind her,
the snake that seeks
to swallow the world,
and sweep the souls into Hell.
Like snowflakes they fall,
even as we walk above them.
Christopher Hitchens is already there.
Where are our think-tank denizens?
Where the cry of sanity?
Five years ago I wanted to cry out,
take down the two-party system!
We have the technology
to go to a direct democracy
and end the corruption of billions.
Where are you? Watching S.N.L?!?!?
Why are we not stockpiling water
and grain? And repairing
bridges and pipes?
No, spend millions on impeachment.
We elected a non-politician
on purpose for a reason:
He actually tries to do things.

Source: Maura Levine #901149


Maura Levine

I am desperately wishing for and praying for death at the same time that I am involuntarily trying to stay alive. I am desperately trying to stay warm under a wraith of a wisp of synthetic blanket and a torn sheet (one-half of a sheet, exactly). This is prison. I am sneezing under this blanket while curled up tighter than a ball, remembering an Irish dream of a snow-crusted river winding its way into Dublin.

There were red-headed people, desperately lonely, living with a faux blond fireplace but also with two that gave fire — heat from a bare grate. And I am 60 and need to hurtle through the frigid darkness at 4:30 a.m. to get sledgehammer anti-psychotic medication just to be able to sleep. This is prison.

Source: Maura Levine #901149


Jessica Hills #66669-019

From Atlanta Eastside, currently getting ready for the streets. Nu Indie artist and songwriter that has a styIe that is orthodox and energy of my own. My originality and my lyrics are based off of my life experiences.

To be added, I’m a chameleon and can adapt to any circumstances. I’ve taken this journey which was a struggle but made it a testimony by using my music as an outlet.

Looking for like minded individuals or mentors that have the power of knowledge in the music industry. Send your email information for quicker correspondence and follow me on 1G: @theonlyeyez; email address:

Source: Jessica Hills #66669-019


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Source: Frankie Washington #W98269


True Happiness

As I sit here looking around I could never be more thankful for the love and happiness I’ve found.

If a man could be any happier then I’d like to see. Because I feel as though I’m the happiest man in the world since you decided to be with me.

The tears of sorrow I use to cry, have turned to joy since you became willing to try.

Although right now I can’t give you fortunes of gold and diamond rings, I can give you something more precious than any material thing.

I can put in your possession a heart that’s made of gold, and when you get lonely I’ll always be there for you to hold.


One of my favorite I wrote a couple years ago, I wanted to share. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Source: David Horton #213313


Love Always Wins

The moment was very emotional, even breathtaking. I was in awe listening to the speech of the mother of Heather Heyer on CNN, concerning her daughter’s murder in Charlottesville in a hate crime! Her words demonstrate, “The leaf never falls far away from the tree.”

So many Heathers we have lost in my beloved country Syria which were ignored because of the outsiders. They came to spread hate / bigotry to destroy the love we have for one another.

However, this coward Trump ran away from attending Heather’s ceremony but our president stayed in the country facing the darkness.

Yet, love always wins…

Source: Monzer Al Kassar #61111-054


Unflattering Fiction

My reply to CNN’S fake DEA production program, “Declassified,” aired Saturday, July 29th, 2017 (9:00 PM Eastern).

“If you feel no shame, then do as you wish.”

The Moslem scholar Ibn Taymiyyah, when he was prisoner, “By Holaco al-Tatar’s” at Damascus Castle prison (1326 AD), said, “What my enemies could do to me! If they kill me, it’s martyrdom for the sake of God. And if they imprison me for life, it’s solitude with my God. My paradise (innocence) with me.”

“For me God suffices and He is the best disposer of my affairs.”

It’s a shame how a few bad apples from the DEA, like Agent John Archer, and Chief Agent James Soiles, deceived CNN and the American taxpayers, hiding in sheep’s clothing, when they are the real criminals.

John Archer’s criminal record was presented by the government, pursuant to “Giglio,” on my fake trial here in New York- “…When he was participating, investigating legal case in Las Vegas in year 2000, SHREDDED, and changed evidence in that case, which is against the DEA policy, and, imposed penalty on him.”

Chief Agent James Soiles, who fabricated my case in Spain (1992-1995), for Achille Lauro, I was found not guilty, and the Spanish judge (Castro De Meja), ordered James Soiles arrested on Friday, January 30-31, 1995. When he was on the stand, giving false testimony and false documentations, his diplomatic American passport saved him; the judge asked him to surrender his passport and not allowing him to leave Spain, until his fate is decided.

I challenge both of them, with a full legal responsibility, to deny that!

Now again, without any shame, or respect to the legal system, and, to the American taxpayers, proudly saying in that CNN’s program: “By Hook or Crook,” “we got AlKassar!” Good luck CNN, and welcome to America!

This means there was never any case against me. They manufactured their case!

Source: Monzer Al Kassar #61111-054


America Ought To Mind Own Business, Should Not Be Interfering In Syria

America has no lawful right to fly into Syrian Airspace, nor to put boots on the ground, and American tanks raising their flags on the Syrian soil, OR to set boundaries! It’s an act of “aggression,” BY ANY “INTERNATIONAL LAW’S STANDARD.”

It’s not me saying that only. Republican Virginia State Sen. Mr. Richard Black recently said:
“America and The Coalition are in Syria without any permission, or any lawful authority. Why we are fighting legitimate elected government… The Coalition’s NOT there to help Syrian People. They are helping the SAUDIS!”

I was right in my press release last April 2017, naming the so called “ARAB LEAGUE SUMMIT,” March 2017, In JORDAN; saying: “WITHOUT SYRIA, THIS SUMMIT IS AN ISRAELI SUMMIT,” WHICH OFFERED ISRAEL FULL INCLUSION.”

The so called Arab leaders who attended / approved are: “PAWNS.”

It’s crystal clear what had happened after President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, last May. King Salman forced Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, June 21, 2017, to set aside, placed him in house arrest, in favor of his son Mohammad bin Salman.

It’s “COUP,” supported by America, and, Israel, for King Salman to transfer the “THRONE,” in the near coming future to his Son!

ISRAEL supported this “COUP,” and Crown Prince “MOHAMED,” sent to Saudi Arabia 18 fighter jets, including: two Gulfstreams, F-16, F-16 CD, F-15 CD, two tankers, and two EC-130 electronic warfare planes to block his cousin “Mohammed Bin Nayef,” and his supporters’ objections.

King Salman: Barely, “GOD” will hold you accountable at the day of judgment, NOT only for your inclusion with the enemies of “GOD”!; BUT more, for the bloodshed conspiracy in my beloved country Syria; and the billions of the petro / money, paid, which belong to the Saudis people.

Fear “GOD,” SALMAN!! The day of judgment is not far away! You are 81 years old. Repent for what you have done, and had said in Spain – Marbella (SUMMER 2006): “You the Lebanese people, who brought this war to yourselves.”

Repeating the same “SIN,” on Saturday, May 20, 2017 (recorded life by the C.N.N.), you had said:


I challenge any one for the above facts!


Source: Monzer Al Kassar #61111-054